Art & Wine - Fixed Tour

The Art and Wine Tour is a wonderful combination for the senses,  allowing guests to enjoy their love of wine and art. I created this tour in 2012 to combine the 2. The tour first visits the Chihuly Garden and Glass Musuem,  located beneath the Space Needle ( Its now the most popular tourist site in Seattle).  It then follows with lunch,( on your own) but with your guide at a nationally acclaimed local spot, then a visit to a popular local art gallery where you will have a complimentary glass of wine as you peruse the art.  Then its off to taste some fine wines at some local award winning wineries that  are either art focused or have uniquely designed and artistic tasting rooms along with their fine wines.  
Your tickets to the Chihuly exhibit are included in the price of the tour.Yakima
Photos 2,3, 4 and 5 were taken by Werner Nennecker at The Chihuly Exhibit in Seattle

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