This Tour is devoted to tasting the finer Bordeaux's of Washington.

We have the 6 reds & 3 of the major white varietals.

You don’t need to be a connoisseur to take this tour! you just need to have an interest in Bordeaux wines! Let us design a tour for you that you will really enjoy. We will discuss your preferences and layout the tour from there.
We can help you to explore the distinctive characteristics of Washington’s Bordeaux’s as we go into each winery with you to provide you with additional information!

We have both classic right and left bank blends, as well as an abundance of different combinations of blends, plus the single varietals and even a 100% Petite Verdot. Have you had one of these!
Let us take you behind the scenes with our in depth tour, like only a private tour like ours can do, to meet the people crafting these wonderful wines. Learn why they use or own certain specific vineyards that allow them to craft the styles of wines they prefer. These wines are made in the many styles of the Bordeaux’s of France, from Pauillac, to St Julien, to Margeau, to St Emilion, or Pomerol and more. All wines are made with original native French root stocks planted in WA, unlike most of the rest of the world, including France, which uses only grafted root stocks. These wines reflect the special terror of Washington.

Taste why > 1/2 of Washington’s wines have achieved 90 points or more for the last 8 years in a row from The Wine Spectator.
Most of these wines have achieved even higher ratings from: The SFO chronicle , Wine Enthusiast and others, plus Gold and Double Gold metals from The Seattle Wine awards.

Know your Bordeaux’s? let us Taylor your tour to suit what ever your preferences are, or we can assist you in determining which styles you prefer most? The fun is in deciding, which of the multiple combinations of blends you prefer.Is it a particular style you prefer?
Is it more about Power or more about Finesse ?

The owner is a French Wine Scholar so he can assist you in creating your tour with the style of the Bordeaux’s you may prefer.

We will pick you up at your Seattle or Bellevue Hotel or residence.

Most of Bordeaux is using just 3 grapes, Merlot, Cab Sav, and Cab Franc.

The balance of the othes is less than *2% “The French Wine Society 2018.”

The first 2 photos are on the left bank at the famous Chateau Lynch – Bages.

The 3rd one is on the right bank at the Premier Grand Cru Class A, Chateau Angelus.

All of these pictures are taken from a recent trip to Bordeaux in 2016.

Someone has to do this research! Ha!

We will pick you up at your Hotel, Residence, VRBO, or BB in the Seattle or Bellevue area

Please contact us for details.
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